Lee Selby won the European Featherweight Title last night in Cardiff by out boxing Rendall Munroe, in what was great night of Boxing on Sky Sports. Selby was the hot favourite to win the fight, but not many people realised how convincingly he would do the job.

From the first bell Selby came out with fast combinations to the head and body to a rather static Munroe, who was unable to get into the fight, as Selby countered any attack that was attempted by Munroe. Right on the bell off the end of round 1 Selby rocked Munroe with a big shot, which rocked Munroe down to his boots. Luckily this was so early on in the fight that Munroes corner were able to recover their fighter and got him back out for round 2. Selby continued for the next couple of rounds with dominating Munroe in every phase of the fight until round 5, when Selby took his foot off the gas for the 3 minute period, and gave Munroe the round by fighting off the back foot. The bell for the 6th round rang and Selby flew out to Munroe and created a beautifully orchestrated offensive against Munroe against the corner, with many punches connecting. At one point Selby called out to referee Ian John-Lewis to stop the fight, who was watching intently and allowed Munroe a chance to fight back, but this didn’t happen, as Selby un leashed a ferocious left hook to the head of Munroe and Ian John-Lewis had seen enough and dived in to stop Munroe receiving any further damage. Not many people could argue with this decision, but Munroe complained, and it was obvious that he was totally out boxed by one of the best¬†Featherweights in the UK, and now Europe.

Selby showed his class in the ring in Cardiff, and he is now deservedly  going up the rankings ladder and will be eyeing the chance of a world title shot in the next 12-18 months.

Clubber Langley