We witnessed last night a great heavyweight fight between David Haye and Dellboy Chisora at Upton Park in front of a crowd of about 30,000 soaked fight fans. This fight lived up to some of the hype and when concluded saw the 2 boxers shake hands and even hug, after what has been one of the most intriguing promotions in British heavyweight boxing in many years.

Frank Warren promotions along with Boxnation TV did a cracking job in putting together this event, which finally saw the 2 men square up and go toe to toe for 5 very good rounds of heavyweight action. From the announcement by the greatest ring Master of Ceremonies in the world Michael Buffer had the crowd on its feet, and it really was time to rumble!

The fight started at a reasonable pace with Haye dancing around Chisora and picking off his trademark jab to the face of his opponent almost at will. Chisora was waiting for any opportunity to go for big over arm punches which if connected, could knock any opponent out. He was however not using his jab and his head movement was making it easier for Haye to jab away at him. By the end of round 3,  Dereck Chisora lamped Haye with a big over hand shot to the head of Haye just on the bell sounding, which then had David in pieces when he was taken back to his corner by his trainer Adam Booth. He appeared  to be in a state of shock at what he had just been hit by and I was now wondering what he must do to win this. When the bell was eventually heard over the crowd  you could hear the atmosphere being raised a bar or two at Upton Park, as the audience really started getting behind their fighters as only the British fight fans do. This fight really could of gone either way after this bit of drama, and seeing the replays of the punch which did the damage to Haye that were being shown on the big screens at the stadium, this fight was now really getting into the trenches for the proper heavyweight war that we had all anticipated.

From the sound of the bell at the start of round 4, we saw The Haymaker come out and basically out box Chisora, who was having real problems in letting his shots go for the whole fight. I expected Chisora to come out and rush Haye and go for the finish, but this unfortunately wasn’t going to happen. This was not the Dellboy we saw against Vitali Klitschko or even Hillanious as the speed and foot work of Haye was almost too much for Chisora. This tactic of the Haymaker camp came to fruition when Haye unleashed a lethal combination which connected with some real venom on Chisora, who went down to be counted for the very first time in his career. Chisora got up at a late count, but it was only a matter of time until Haye took him out, which he succeeded to do within seconds of the count. A very conclusive victory which had the fans on their feet in genuine appreciation of what they had just witnessed. It was just now left for the fighters to be sportsman and shake hands, and when this happened it was good to see after all the animosity the pair had between them since Munich earlier in the year.

This proved to be one of Boxnation Tv’s best promotions as was stated by Frank Warren in the post fight interview, and I cannot argue with that. The crowd had a great (if not wet) night, and I hope that these kinds of big events can continue on the channel . Only next time without all the pre fight shenanigans we all witnessed , which can now hopefully be well and truly put to rest.

So what next for Haye and Chisora? We will just have to wait and see.

@ClubberLangley 15/7/12