Well here we are folks! The fight which began in Munich on the 18th of February 2012 (read The Slap, Spit, Fight, Press Conference)  is going to be settled this evening at Upton Park Stadium East London in what promises to be a truly epic promotion, to which we haven’t seen here in England since maybe when Lewis v. Bruno clashed in a brutal heavyweight fight in October 1993 for the WBC Heavyweight Championship of The World in Cardiff.

The Controversy

This evening’s fight has brought controversy to British Boxing since the ugly scenes in Munich where the 2 fighters clashed at the post fight press conference following Chisoras valiant loss against Vitali Klitschko. Since this there have been arrests, the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC)  threatening to take away the licenses of anyone who partakes in tonight’s show.

The Promotion

The 2 men were fenced off from each other at the pre-fight press conference and the weigh in, and not forgetting the fight being sanctioned by Luxembourg boxing board instead of BBBC. However judging by the amazing promotion of Frank Warren and Boxnation TV, we have what promises to be one of the most enthralling nights of British Heavyweight Boxing in many years, and I cannot wait!

Both fighters weighed in on Thursday with Dellboy Chisora at 247 pounds and David Haye weighing in at a very lean 210 pounds. The 37 pound difference will certainy not concern Haye, as when he fought the mountain Valuev in November 2009 to win the WBA Title, he was 7 stones lighter. To put this in perspective, this was equivalent to a lightweight boxer fighting a heavyweight and winning. This fight was some feat that again gripped the non-avid boxing fan. The Haymaker can certainly do the business with promoting himself time and time again. In these days with boxing fans leaving in their droves for MMA or cage fighting, this cannot be sniffed at. This is proven in the ticket sales for tonight’s fight with a reported 35,000 seats gone at Upton Park as well as people subscribing to Boxnation especially to see what unravels in London tonight.

For the excellent build up for this fight, I watched Jim Rosental interviewing Michael Buffer on Thursday evening, as he will be the ring announcer for this anticipated fight. I thought this was one of the best interviews I have seen relating to boxing in a very long time. Having Michael Buffer do what he does best for tonight’s show, brings the fight to such a fantastic opening, and I know the crowd of 35,000 plus fight fans will be on their feet when he announces his patented phrase “Lets get ready to rumble!!!‘ I know I will be.

The Commotion

Tonight is going to be  dramatic, controversial and brutal. I hope it brings 2 of the very best heavyweight fighters England has to an absolute war for the fans in attendance and the millions watching from around the world.

To anyone going to the show tonight have a great night. If you are watching at home like me, send me your thoughts and tweets at @ClubberLangley .

Tonights show starts at 7.30pm and the ring walk is at about 9.30pm live on Boxnationtv