With the news this week in British Boxing is all about Derek ‘dellboy’ Chisora and David ‘Haymaker’ Haye being promoted as a licensed fight by the boxing board of Luxembourg, I am certainly having a few gripes on this match up. Firstly as neither of the boxers have licences by the BBBC due to the ‘incident’ in Germany where Chisora lost his license during the aftermath of the Chisora Klitschko fight ensued between the 2 brits at the post fight press conference. David Haye resigned his licence (as he predicted) after he lost his title to Wladamir Klitschko last year. Frank Warren during the press conference appeared to have pound signs flash in his eye during the brawl and you could tell what he was thinking, ‘£££!!!’ Although in later interviews on Boxnation he clearly stated that he will have ‘no part in the purse bids’ as he felt so strongly about what happened in Munich. So whats changed?

When the fight was announced on Boxnation earlier this week the 2 men were separated by a wire mesh grill at Upton Park Stadium for the press conference, which seemed somewhat staged to say the least. Questions were being asked about the current situation about licensing and how this fight is being put on. As there is a loop hole in the laws, it became apparent that Frank Warren had chosen to go against the BBBC by not waiting for the license applications to be accepted for both men by our own boxing board. This might of taken some time, but it is believed that it would of made things allot easier in the long term, whereby the BBBC would of granted both fighters their licenses and we wouldn’t have this circus. For a start this fight does not need to happen in the next few months. There are no titles on the line and it is just a grudge match, with a false promise of the winner fighting a Klitschko. Secondly, the BBBC have just recently said that anyone involved in the promotion of the fight, coaches of the fighters, corner men, and advertisers could all very well loose their boxing licences. This could be disastrous for british boxing, and I have come to the conclusion that to risk all of this just dosen’t seem worth it at all. I am not saying that I wouldn’t be intrigued to watch this fight, as 20.000 british fight fans who have already purchased their tickets are, but I think it is going to get allot uglier before the first bell.

The fight will be aired on Boxnation on July 14th and the tickets are selling very quickly.