Last night I saw what can only be described as pure class from America’s ‘new Floyd Mayweather’,  unbeaten WBC Lightweight Champion Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner, as he took on the brave Welsh Challenger Gavin ‘The Rock’ Rees in Atlantic City. Reece wasn’t given much of a chance against the unbeaten Broner for the Lightweight Title, but he certainly didn’t shy away from this chance to take on the worlds very best Lightweight Champion.

During the beginning of the announcements by Michael Buffer, Rees looked a very lonely figure as he made his way into the ring, and waited patiently for Broner and his full entourage to make his spectacular, if not brash ring walk in front of the crowd who came to see the Champion dispatch yet another opponent.

From the opening Bell Rees really took the fight to the American, and didn’t seem at all phased by the moment as he went charging into the  chest of Broner as he attempted to cut the Champion down with big swinging punches, but every attempt he made just didn’t appear to phase the Champion who just smiled back at Reece. The first round was probably won by Rees on sheer work rate and it was at this point it looked like it wasn’t going to be a complete white wash after all. However from the beginning of round 2 the Champion was just toying with Rees, giving him glances of defence weakness, but then exploding into fast counter punch combinations which were delivered with blistering pace, accuracy and some genuine venom. Rees did well to keep away from some of the shots, but the one’s that connected, really did rock the ‘Rock’, as he began to look somewhat a different class to the superb Champion. As the fight was in the 4th round, it was pretty much all over as Broner just went to town on the challenger as and when he chose to. He landed a superb uppercut to the jaw of Rees following a clinch, and it looked like this would finish the Challenger here and now. Rees looked completely disorientated from the knock down, but bravely beat the count to survive the 2 minutes remaining on the 4th round, only to come back out for the 5th for what was to be the inevitable finish.

The bell sounded for round 5 and Broner just picked up the pace showering the defenseless Welshman with precision shots which the crowd could be heard wincing at every punch which landed,  following a precise shot to the ribs earlier in the round which the Challenger was again counted, but only to get back up to continue to fight. Rees was then faced with a barrage of more body shots to both sides, which did additional damage and it was all over as the referee intervened as he saw the towel had come in from the Welsh corner. Reece’s cornerman Gary Lockett waived off the fight after his man was in serious danger of being badly injured should the fight be allowed to continue. Broner clambered the ropes in celebration of another convincing win, leaving the Welshman a beaten man.

This was an extremely brave effort from Rees. To have the guts to even take on the fight, as well as being in the American’s back yard takes some real heart. He even won over a few of the crowd in Atlantic City with his bravery and determination not to just try and survive the 12 rounds, but to give it everything he could in there while he had the opportunity. Fair play to Gavin’s promotor Eddie Hearn for getting Rees this chance and it’s always great seeing a British fighter go to America to fight the best of the best, and this is certainly what Reece did last night.

Broner on the other hand really was pure class. Unbeaten in 26 fights, with 22 wins by knock out and at such a young age, this man has the skills to command domination at the very top of the world boxing’s ranks for many years to come, should he continue to perform at the very top level of Boxing. Broner maybe brash, cocky and have an unusual style about him, but his record at present speaks for itself.