Following last nights destructive win with David Price finishing Audley Harrison’s career in Liverpool, I had time to turn over from Boxnation to see the James Degale fight against the tough French Challenger Mohoudi in Bluewater in Kent for the European Super Middle Weight Title fight which was promoted by Hennessy Promotions. This was not a bad fight in anyone’s eye’s as it showed that Degale can stick it out against a very durable opponent. However during one of the mid rounds Channel 5 decided to interview Tyson Fury about the Price win in Liverpool and his response to this. What the TV audiance witnessed next was nothing short of a tirade of school yard homophobic insults towards Price and for some reason against Tony Bellew who Fury called “his gay lover”. He also went on with his derogatory remarks to Prices Promoter Frank Malony who he called “a midget” as well as remarks towards the Liverpudlian community! As this was live on TV there was no way of pulling back these words and the British boxing world saw in full the sheer lunacy of what was going on in Fury’s mind that night. Could this be called promoting a fight or just pure ignorance and bigotry ? Judging by the wonders of Twitter this morning, I believe it to be the latter.

I have seen Fury’s response to peoples views on this outburst on Twitter this morning and not allot of positive responses have been made. In fact it has just made Fury the laughing stock on the Twitter wall right across the world. One of these people was a woman I saw Fury telling her to ‘get back on the game u crackhead’ after she quite rightly aired her own views on this interview. He has also vowed to find anyone who has said anything negative about him….so I had better be careful on here! These are the words and actions of someone who claims to be of the Christian faith and a professional sportsman?

There has to be some kind of repercussions for saying this on live TV and I am hopeful that Channel 5, Hennessy Promotions as well as the BBBC deals with this as quickly as possible, especially as the insults could of upset a few people at home who were just trying to watch some professional boxing. I am sure that this would of aided in the possible match up with Price in the near future, and could possibly of sold a few more bums on seats should this fight happen, but my own opinion is that Fury has only handed David Price so many more fans and supporters and made himself look a little silly and somewhat lost in his quest for greatness.

Check it out for yourself below from the clip on youtube.