Last night we saw Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton take on the unbeaten European Super Bantamweight Champion Kiko Martinez, in what proved to be no easy win for the young Irish man as predicted by any half decent boxing pundit. The fight, which was a sell out in Belfast in front of a very boisterous audience , showed that Frampton is not only is a great fighter, but can also take a punch or two. There was some of the usual pre fight banter, with the Champion claiming that Frampton couldn’t even knock out his 6 year old nephew, along with allot of other trash talk from the corner, but this was soon forgotten once the fight started and the Champion realised very quickly how good a fighter Frampton really is.

From the opening bell the Spaniard was right in the face of Frampton and was just relentless in his search for an opportunity to expose Frampton’s tight defence and to land some big powerful shots, which on a few occasions, he managed to succeed. Frampton dealt with this expected early onslaught with a calm head and was able to ride the storm which the Champion took to the Challenger. Martinez made every effort to take the fight to Frampton and to try to trap him on the ropes of the large ring In Belfast, but Carl was too quick on his feet by side stepping and fighting on the back foot, as well as landing some terrific combination shots to the head and body of the Champion. Frampton was caught with some tremendous upper cuts and swinging shots, which rocked his head from all angles, but he just kept on fighting by tightening his defence after every punch he threw.

From the middle rounds Frampton settled down to produce some of his superb boxing abilities and basically out boxed Martinez, who was beginning to tire from the relentless assault he was attempting to lay on the young Challenger, with very limited success. The Champions eye was also damaged from Frampton’s jab and blistering speed and lost patience and his confidence was also being thwarted by the younger man at every oppportunity.

In round 9 Frampton unleashed a terrific right over hand punch, which sent to Champion to the canvas and the referee  stepped in to begin the inevitable 10 count as the now ex Champion realled against the ropes as his legs gave way from the knock out blow. This was the first stoppage in a terrific 30 unbeaten pro fight career for Martinez, and Frampton at the age of 25 was crowned European Super Bantamweight Champion after beating a very durable Champion.

This performance must now take Carl to the next level as being a genuine world title contender, and being under the tutelage of the great Barry McGuigan and his son Shane, Frampton must surely be on the road to world boxing stardom.