January 24, 1976  George Foreman was in the fight of his life against the ex convict Ron Lyle who had learnt his trade whilst serving 7 and a half years in a State penitentiary in Colorado, and earned his way to a shot at the title.  The fight was for the the vacant NABF heavyweight title.  in front of a sell out crowd at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, and everyone knew this would be a tremendous display of heavyweight action. And they were not disappointed.

I wanted to share this with anyone who has never had the privilege of seeing what cannot be argued as being one of the greatest Heavyweight Title fights of all time. The fight which saw both men put their lives and future on the line, in what was an absolute war of knock out punches. Both men taking some of the biggest hits seen in the professional ring, and coming back for more.

Fight fans,  see for yourself and enjoy!……


Clubber Langley.