Since we are all salivating at the prospect of Floyd Mayweather taking on Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd in Vegas, I just wanted to remind all you fight fans of the last real super fight from 30 years ago on April 15th 1985.  I watched this fight live as an 11 year old lad, and this is ‘The Fight’ that got me completely hooked on Boxing and took my interest to another level. The 3 rounds which was witnessed by Boxing fans around the world was like something out of a Rocky movie as, and proved to be the greatest 3 rounds in Boxing’s long history. Nothing has really come close to the excitement this super fight brought to the fight fans, but lets hope, that on May the 2nd we see something which relives this epic battle of these 2 real warriors.

Sit back, grab yourself a cold one and enjoy the Greatest 3 Rounds in Boxing history.