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Manny serves his retribution on Bradley

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Manny serves his retribution on Bradley

In the early hours of this morning, one of the most hotly anticipated rematches was fought out over 12 rounds of some of the best displays of boxing we have seen from Manny Pacquiao in quite a while. After the first fight in 2012 which had Bradley winning a very  dubious Vegas decision  that had Bradley winning on 2 judges scorecards, leaving Pacquiao loosing his WBO title in a shock defeat which no one could really understand. A rematch was inevitable as everyone was screaming for Manny to be given the opportunity to win his title back, and on Sunday morning UK time, he did just that.

The MGM Grand was the venue for the  rematch in front of a sell out crowd of fans who’s clear favourite was the man from the Philippines as the ring walks were completed, with the crowd booing Tim Bradley as he stepped across the apron as the WBO Champion. The fight started at a tremendous pace with both men creating opportunities to land big shots and to be countered. Bradley was initially the instigator of offence in the first round, as he won this in a closely fought round. Manny then came out from round 3 onwards to be pushed back by the referee Kenny Bayless as he wanted to get to Bradley at the first chance he could. From this stage on Pacquiao was the aggressor and was fighting a near perfect plan as he moved around the ring and showed his ring generalship, and we were having glimpses of the old Pacman who exuded confidence in his work and punch stats, whilst being cautious not to be connected with a Bradley knock out punch, which was always a threat to the challenger, as Bradley showed in round 4 when he connected with a vicious right hook which rocked Manny as he was swayed for a short time, but re grouped with his footwork and stayed away for the remainder of the round.  As the fight developed into the mid rounds, the pace was at times still fast and furious with both men connecting  big shots to the head and body.  Bradley was loosing the fight from the mid rounds, as Pacquiao pulled away with keeping to the centre of the ring and hunting Bradley down against the ropes and throwing  flurries of fast paced combinations which had at times Bradley defended by leaning outside of the ropes in the corner of the ring.  Bradley began to be just looking for the knock out punch and his boxing skills were being disrupted by his frustration at what he was faced with, as Pacquiao just danced around his opponent and throwing at will. Bradley called in Pacquiao as he remained in his own corner, which did him no favours as Pacquiao took his time, and then unleashed a combination against the ropes, which left Bradley to stager out of his own corner with his mouth wide open inviting Manny in, which he accepted the invitation with some devastating punches which gave Manny the round in convincing style. For the next 3 rounds Pacquiao was stalking his opponent with his right hand ready to explode at will as Bradley was constantly circling backwards to his left and throwing jabs and missing his over arm shots which Manny saw coming at every opportunity . Whenever Pacquiao landed any shots the crowd in Vegas responded with roars of appreciation as their man was showing that he was the boss in there, as round 8,9, 10,and 12 he won everything by being just that. Bradley showed his frustration as his legs were giving way, as he was backing off and only landing sporadic shots with no affect at all and appeared weary and confused as he had no plan b with what he was facing.  As the final bell for round 12 sounded, it was obvious that Bradley not only needed a knock down, but a knock out to win as the scorecards on this being anything but a Pacquiao win would be a robbery, but being in Vegas, who knows what might happen? Pacquiao kept his distance for the final 3 minutes and only went on the offence when he was sure he would land getting his man against the ropes, as Bradley was always a threat with his counter hooks which were thrown with intent, but with no precision r accuracy. In the last 30 seconds the men clashed heads which unfortunately stopped the action for a few seconds as the doctor checked out a cut over Pacquiao’s eye, but it was waved straight back in to continue for the last few seconds as the 2 men went at it again for the last few seconds.

There could only be one winner, as Pacquiao showed his absolute ring generalship, offence and defence with his blistering speed in his punches and footwork which won him the fight in a convincing fashion, and winning back the WBO Title that he lost on that fateful day in 2012. Bradley’s performance was not to be sniffed at as he was beaten by one of the best fighters of these times, and I thought some of the comments by some of the pundits in the USA a bit off, as they made out that Bradley was somewhat amateurish. He was un doubtfully beaten by the better man on the night, maybe not the Manny Pacquiao of 4 years ago, but still a devastating fighter who at 35 has proved he still has some big fights left in him.

Might we have a another possible for a trilogy match up by Mr Arum? There might just be a chance for one more big pay day for both men to meet in the ring, and if there is, I personally cannot wait.

Clubber Langley


Burns ends his title reign

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Burns ends his title reign

Ricky Burns lost his WBO Lightweight title against a very durable and defiant Terence Crawford. The man from Omaha Nebraska came over to take the title away from the Scotsman who for the last 3 and a half years has totally dominated the division beating every one who was put in front of him with relative ease. However since his last fight against Raymundo Beltram in what some viewed as Burns first near loss,  and shattering his jaw early on in the fight, Burns’ future did not look too promising. But his promoter Eddie Hearn got him back in the ring in relatively quick time to face the American, who himself has a good record being an Olympic gold medallist, is unbeaten, and judging from the weigh in on Friday he  was clearly hungry for the win.

The fight began with Crawford on the offence from the start showing his speed and throwing off Burns who from the uptake, was missing something from his arsenal. The first round went unnervingly for the Burns fans to Crawford, but we were all hoping that this was Burns warming up or was shaking off some ring rust. But for the next 11 rounds it was clear that Ricky was very edgy in every attack he tried desperately to put together against the American, who defended well against the offence of Burns. From rounds 4 onwards the fight looked like it was going to be a one of Burns toughest nights out and that his mind was not quite 100% , as Jim Watt was continuously saying that his jaw was causing him concern, which was leaving him  wide open to the counter attacks from Crawford. As the fight went on the huge sell out crowd in Scotland were allot more subdued compared to when their man entered the arena and this continued until the last round as it was obvious that Burns would need a clean knock out to recover his belt which he has fought so many battles to keep. But tonight, it was leaving him unless he could muster up some kind of decent last attack. The corner tried to keep Ricky stable, but you could see that the fight wasn’t going to have any shift of direction. Crawford was too good on his feet and the upper body movement he put together was unable to get connected with any of the short combination’s that Burns was throwing in almost distress at Crawford. The bell sounded for the end of round 12 and it was obvious who the winner was and it was just a matter of confirming the scorecards. These were read out as a unanimous win to Crawford 116-112 117-111 116-112 and the title was heading to Omaha Nebraska for the first time in boxing history.

It was a sad night for Ricky, who is and always will be one of my all time favourite fighters who shows his metal in every contest, but to come back from what is described as a multiple broken jaw and get back in the ring against such an opponent was very brave and he yet again showed the  true heart of a world class fighter. Should he of relinquished his title after his last fight when the injury was so extreme, probably? But as I have said, Burns is and always will be one of our best and most loved fighters and not many fighters will experience the true fan base that he has enjoyed every time he steps across the apron to fight, and last night was certainly no exception. As you will see from the interview below, Eddie Hearn has plans to get Ricky back in the ring for a possible world title eliminator next. We will have to wait and see how this develops, as I am sure there are going to be some genuine concerns in the Burns camp for the future, and whatever happens to Ricky, he will always be one of the very best World Champions that Scotland has ever produced.

Terence Crawford now leaves Scotland to be Omaha Nebraska’s very first resident world boxing champion. The last world champion who was born there was Max Baer in 1909. Check out this  classic fight from  June 13th 1935 with The Cinderella Man James  J Braddock fighting Max Baer in what was one of the greatest nights of boxing from this fabulous era of the sport.

I have also found this interesting piece on Max Baer and the mis conception of the great man in the movie Cinderella Man.

Clubber Langley





Caris Boxing Club. The Gym of Champions

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Caris Boxing Club. The Gym of Champions

Last Sunday, I went to visit a very special boxing gym in Finsbury Park north London and to meet it’s founder Mr Sam Hadfield. What makes Caris gym so unique is that it is the only boxing gym in the UK that is registered with the Amateur Boxing Association specifically for the homeless community in London. I was introduced to this project through my friend WBC A Star referee Mr Ian John Lewis, after he was invited to attend a fund raising event in December last year by Ian’s friend & boxing trainer Mick Smith, who had attended the school as a young man where Caris is based. The Big Spar event raised £4000 and had many well known ex fighters, trainers & stars including Ian’s training partner Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, which was a lovely reunion for both retired fighters.

We went to meet with Sam and the guys & girls who Sam helps to such dedication and unbound commitment for the well being of each and every person that attends his gym. No one is ever turned away from the gym for any reason, no matter of any issue which is maybe going on with any of the people, who turn to Sam for guidance, structure and his expertise through also running homeless shelters in London. Sam has created not only a wonderful gym, which has all you need for a successful boxing training gym, but Caris has a real sense of community which can’t be reproduced in the same model anywhere. What makes Caris such an amazing place are the people who come and give their all each and every Sunday. The support which Sam offers to all members who attend his well attended regular gym sessions gives them a real opportunity to speak to Sam or the other members, and to get valuable help or advise. We watched the participants go through their paces on the bags, ropes and in the ring as Ian took some of the guys through their paces on the mitts. This also included Mark Heffernan, who is the author of Ian’s forthcoming aptly named book ‘I am the referee’. This gave Mark a real face to face insight of Ian working at this real grass root level, which is instinctively in Ian’s blood as a fighter & world class referee who came from a very humble upbringing and made Ian the down to earth man that we see almost every weekend on Sky Sports & Boxnation TV.

Clubber Langley boxing will be following the Caris Gym journey and will also be reporting on any developments with the project, and I am sure you will all agree that Caris is one special place, which is so close to all fans of the sweet science, and to all communities in the UK and across the world.

One last word that I have to mention. When I was speaking to Sam I asked him if he had any future champions attending the gym. His answer was perfect and really struck a note with me. He answered ‘they are all champions’…..

caris boxing club

What else can I say?

Clubber Langley





Buckland & Rees fight a 12 round war

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Buckland & Rees fight a 12 round war

It is not a rare thing for an undercard fight to be fight of the night, but last nights British title eliminator with Gary Buckland and Gavin Rees was something rather special. This was Rees’ last chance of a title shot after being  dominant  in the British rankings for many years, and Buckland had to put on a great performance after a destructive lose against Stephen Smith.

Rees started fast and unleashed a barrage of body shots to Buckland which quickly redened the body of  Buckland who was landing big over arm rights to the head of Rees. By the end of round 1 Buckland had an injured eye and his corner went to work to reduce the potential early stoppage. Bucklands corner did a stirling job on their man, who came out in round 2 with fast combinations, but Rees was counting on wearing his opponent down  by constantly going south of Bucklands head. This tactic was working beautifully, but Buckland was defending well and allowing few shots to land. Rounds 3-4 had Rees bleeding from his nose and took the middle rounds and by the mid way point it was all equal on my score card. The pace reduced at this point as the fight was a gruelling affair with both fighters giving it their all. By round 10, it was clear to everyone watching, that we were in for a fantastic last 3 rounds of the best of British boxing, and we were not disappointed.  Both men were clinging on to each other as they both showed real hearts that we only see in the ring. The bell for the 12th round sounded and both men came out and hugged each other with absolute respect and the crowd in Cardiff were all on their feet in appreciation at what they were privileged to of witnessed. Both men then just went at each other for the next 3 minutes, only to be stopped by a loose glove wrap.  It was a war of nutrition, guts and pride and showed what can happen in a British ring. The bell sounded and the score cards were going to be hard to predict as it was such a great performance by both fighters.The ring announcer quite rightly said before the cards were read, that we already have a fight of the year contender, and we are only in January! I can’t argue with that!

The scorecards were announced as a split decision as John Keene scored 116-113 to Buckland, Ian John Lewis 116-113 to Rees, Terry O Connor 115-114 Buckland leaving a one point split to no shame for either men.

Gary Buckland can now have a shot at the British Title, but Rees could of easily of won the decision and it showed what a great fighter he is, and why he has been at the top of the domestic sport for so long. I just hope he doesn’t retire as he said he would before the fight should he loose to Buckland, as he has proved once again what a commited fighter he is.



Selby out boxes Munroe

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Selby out boxes Munroe

Lee Selby won the European Featherweight Title last night in Cardiff by out boxing Rendall Munroe, in what was great night of Boxing on Sky Sports. Selby was the hot favourite to win the fight, but not many people realised how convincingly he would do the job.

From the first bell Selby came out with fast combinations to the head and body to a rather static Munroe, who was unable to get into the fight, as Selby countered any attack that was attempted by Munroe. Right on the bell off the end of round 1 Selby rocked Munroe with a big shot, which rocked Munroe down to his boots. Luckily this was so early on in the fight that Munroes corner were able to recover their fighter and got him back out for round 2. Selby continued for the next couple of rounds with dominating Munroe in every phase of the fight until round 5, when Selby took his foot off the gas for the 3 minute period, and gave Munroe the round by fighting off the back foot. The bell for the 6th round rang and Selby flew out to Munroe and created a beautifully orchestrated offensive against Munroe against the corner, with many punches connecting. At one point Selby called out to referee Ian John-Lewis to stop the fight, who was watching intently and allowed Munroe a chance to fight back, but this didn’t happen, as Selby un leashed a ferocious left hook to the head of Munroe and Ian John-Lewis had seen enough and dived in to stop Munroe receiving any further damage. Not many people could argue with this decision, but Munroe complained, and it was obvious that he was totally out boxed by one of the best Featherweights in the UK, and now Europe.

Selby showed his class in the ring in Cardiff, and he is now deservedly  going up the rankings ladder and will be eyeing the chance of a world title shot in the next 12-18 months.

Clubber Langley




Mallignaggi v Judah. A local pride fight

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Mallignaggi v Judah. A local pride fight

This Saturday night Brooklyn plays host to a real local pride match between 2 of the 5 top best best fighters in the weight class. Both fighters have come away from their last fights being hard losses for Judah to Danny Garcia. Mallignaggi lost a tough fight against the mouthy young Adrien Broner who beat Paulie in an at times, brutal 12 rounds by a majority decision.

Zab Judah brings to the table a big punch threat, and will be hungry for a good win, but Mallignaggi is on a roll after some extraordinary 5 out of 7 fight wins. Most noticeably, with Mallignaggi soundly beating Senchenko in his own back yard in the Ukraine.

I know that Judah is the overall favourite for this fight, but I really fancy an ‘upset’ with Paulie Mallinaggi winning on a points win, as long as Judah doesn’t connect too early.

Whatever happens in Brooklyn, all fans of the sweet science around the world are in for a real treat.

Big thanks to @TEAMLEFTJAB for asking me to do this blog. Please visit their great site from the USA for all the best interviews and reports from across the pond.


Mallignaggi ringwalk

Pacquiao dominates Bam Bam in China

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Pacquiao dominates Bam Bam in China

Manny Pacquiao returned to the ring after nearly a year since his blistering knock out defeat against Marquez. Few people were concerned about the possible impact that this may have on Manny, but we were all in for a near perfect performance by the Philippine fighter who had truly dominated the sport for the past 5 years to fight in front of a sell out crowd in the amazing venue in Macau China which Bob Arum will be using to bring boxing to this nation with a huge potential audience (and money) for the sport and promoters.

The pre fight stuff became somewhat ugly as scenes of Pacquiaos trainer nearly coming to blows against the Rios team at a gym, whereby Roach very nearly got assaulted by a team member of Rios after a few verbal’s from both sides. Not particularly palatable, given the fact that Roach suffers from Parkinsons disease and the history around previous confrontations with both camps over the past 2 years was bound to boil over into some kind of slanging match before the bell had sounded in Macau. See the video below for the whole incident.

The fight itself was 12 rounds of superb Pacquiao speed, footwork, punch stats numbers and the obvious frustration of Rios as the fight developed in the mid to later rounds with Manny sending flurries of head and body shots to Rios when by the time he could return the favour, Pacquiao was no where to be seen. The fight was to be a shut out win for Pacquiao with Bam Bam showing signs of absolute frustration,

My main comment about Rios is that he is certainly a world class fighter and went the full 12 rounds with arguably the best fighter in the weight class, but was seen to be in total survival mode for the last 4 rounds. He took most of Pacquiaos punches well, but just couldnt break through the tight guard of the Pacman.

Pacquiao on the other hand showed he is still the number one ranked contender in the weight class, and is still a uniquely skilled, durable and dangerous fighter who is not on his way down from his peak performances against our own Ricky Hatton as many have suggested.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the next Pacman outing and have  not counted him out to dominate the division for the next couple of years, unless he retires to pursue his political work in the Philippines. What ever is next for him, i am sure it will be truly spectacular.

Clubber Langley


Clubber Langley

Groves end’s the night a winner

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Groves end’s the night a winner

On Saturday night at the Manchester Arena the hugely hyped war between Carl Froch and George Groves was fought over an incredible 9 rounds of toe to toe boxing at it’s very near best. The big favourite Froch who holds the WBA and IBF Super Middleweight Titles having earned the right to be called unified Champion after a tremendous fight history of beating the best of the best in his division, was now fighting the young 25 year old George Groves. When the fight was announced a few months ago, I (and many others) questioned Groves’ experience and youth, to be thrown into the lions den against such a dangerous opponent such as The Cobra. I was never in doubt of Groves’ ability, but my concern was his experience to be up against Froch, and I predicted a very quick clinical early stoppage. How wrong was I (and many other fight fans) going to be?…….

The fight sold out in record time of only an hour or so, following the hype surrounding this fight’s announcement by Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Sports, and we were in for some interesting interviews from both men as they prepared for the biggest fight in Groves career. From the start Groves was self assured and dealt with the pressure in a calm relaxed way, which showed he had matured into a fighter who mentally at least, was ready for war. It was noted that Froch was somewhat angry at Groves and the younger fighter appeared to of genuinely gotten under the skin of the champion. This was a rare glimpse of Froch’s armour developing a very slight chink, which Groves happily exposed in the lead up to the weigh in.

The fight began with the 2 fighters being a little bit pensive for the first few minutes with Groves defending beautifully, but also taking the fight to Froch who was testing the water against the younger fighter in his approach and not firing off many combinations with much substance or power. Groves unleashed a huge right hand punch to Froch’s body, which sent him down to the canvas and wincing in pain. The sell out crowd erupted into an absolute frenzy  as people were trying to comprehend what they had just witnessed in the 22 foot square ring in Manchester. The referee Howard Foster immediately counted Froch, who got up in pretty quick time but appeared very loose in his legs. Groves dived back in, but Froch was somehow elusive enough to survive the first round. What was noted at this time, was how quickly Groves’ supporters were allot more vocal as the tide had turned very quickly for their fighter. The fight was most definitely on.

From the second round Groves used his very fast foot work to get out of the way of any punches which Froch tried to use, and he became more and more frustrated with the speed of Groves offensive game plan, which was working from every angle. By the 4th round Froch’s face was showing signs that he was in a war and his corner were becoming more and more nervous of the possibility that the titles will be coming to London within the next half an hour. Froch just wasn’t the Cobra in there and it seemed obvious that the score cards will also show this judging by the SkyTV pundits and the many discussions that I was having with my friends at home.

The bell for the 9th round sounded and the 2 fighters went toe to toe from the offset with both scoring points with combinations, but Groves was showing  more class with the precision and accuracy that he showed in his punches. However from nowhere The Cobra struck with a 3 punch combination to Groves which rocked the challenger to his boots, and in this split second he was nearly being taken out, and at this point the referee Howard Foster grabbed George by the shoulders as he was turning away from Froch and called the fight off. The crowd at the arena, the tv pundits, and I am sure the millions watching at home were almost screaming blue murder at the decision of Howard Foster, who up to this point had refereed the fight in a exemplary and professional manner. It first appeared that there was no need for this and was somewhat unfair and too quick of a decision to step in. However we must all remember that referee’s have to make a split second life or death decision, which really can make all the difference to the wellbeing of the fighters. As much as it appeared a strange and somewhat unjust decision, there must of been something of grave concern which he saw that instigated his call. Mr Foster’s stoppage has to be respected by all fight fans given the obvioous risks and dangers of boxing which is in the hands of the referee. This makes boxing the most exciting sport in the world, but we must realise the pressure and responsibilities that boxing referee’s are under every time they step in the ring.

It was certainly a shock as Groves appeared to be way ahead on the score cards, due to the first round knock down, but also with his ring generalship, which he showed in all the rounds leading up to the 9th. But it was announced that he was not as far ahead as everyone had realised, with Groves being only 2 points ahead on 2 cards.

Both fighters gave it their all in not only the fight, but the pre fight promotions that we all enjoyed for the weeks leading up to the fight, which made this into the years biggest fight. What I was pleased about was at the beginning of the night, how Groves received a very frosty reception from the Manchester crowd, but when he left he was cheered by everyone in the arena, It almost reminded me of Rocky 4 with Balboa fighting Drago in Moscow:)

Everyone knew how close he had been to a historical victory against one of the most dangerous Super Middleweight fighters in the world.  Groves will come away from this a much more respected and popular fighter, and one day he will be a world champion, I have no doubt of, and he must  now be considered one of the top ranked contenders in this tough division. As for Carl Froch, many will say that he was lucky to of won this defence. Froch was the winner of the fight, but not of the crowd.

No one could of predicted the end of this one. But as they say folks….. ”that’s boxing!”

Clubber Langley



Clubbers weekly classic fight – Hagler v Duran

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Clubbers weekly classic fight – Hagler v Duran

Here is another one of my all time favourite fights with the long awaited 4 Kings clash between 2 of the world’s best pound for pound fighters Marvin Hagler and Roberto Duran.  What made this an epic fight was the fact that Duran took Hagler the full 15 round distance and being the first man to do this in a championship title fight. Hagler was a furious and formidable opponent who was without doubt the best Middleweight Champion of this or arguably any era of Boxing.

If you have not had the privilege of seeing this fight before, or you want to re live this awesome spectacle of professional Boxing, click on the link, grab yourself a cold one and enjoy some of the greatest boxing seen in the ring.

(ps Watch out for the happiest fan of all time in the 3rd row:)



Brook takes out Senchenko in IBF Title Eliminator

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Brook takes out Senchenko in IBF Title Eliminator

Kell Brook proved last night that he is now a top rank draw after convincingly beating the bookies favourite Vyacheslav Senchenko at the Sheffield Motorpoint Arena in front of a complete sell out crowd and live on Sky Sports last night.

Senchenko was the odd’s on favourite after his victory against a tired Ricky Hatton but there was obviously some chink in his armour as Paulie Mallinaggi showed when he took apart Senchenko in his own back yard only last year. This was a huge fight for the Sheffield based fighter as this was the chance he has waited for a long time to arrive, and finally his opportunity was there for him to take.

The bell sounded and Brook showed his intent of fast speed and combination body shots which at first Senchenko shook off and just stood his ground. Brook looked totally un phased and continued with his plan A to the obvious delight of his corner at the end of round 1 as there man had clearly won the opener on work rate alone. The second round started with Senchenko trying to counter the young British fighter at every opportunity, but failed on most attempts to properly connect with Brook. It was at the end of this round you could tell that Senchenko had doubts of what he was facing as he staggered back to the corner with a nervous look on his face. Round 3 started with Brook coming right at his opponent with flurries to the head and body of Senchenko who then connected with a big right hand punch which sent him down to the canvas and it was only a matter of time before Brook would do just the same again. Senchenko got to his feet quickly, but looked somewhat dazed after receiving the knock down. His balance had become greatly affected to of what could of been an injury to his ear, which would of had huge implications of his ability to stand and trade punches with someone as quick as Brook. As the bell sounded for round 4 the crowd at the Motorpoint Arena were on their feet as it was likely going to be the last round of the fight. Senchenko got off his stool as his feet looked awkward and he was pressing against his ear. Brook flew at his opponent only to be connected himself with a huge over hand punch from Senchenko, which rocked Brook, who knew he had to put his man down as quickly as possible, as Senchenko was still a dangerous man even when this badly hurt. Brook quickly settled back down with his jab which had worked so well for him all night and he then connected a vicious shot which sent Senchenko down for the second time of the fight. The American referee had no choice but to call the fight off and the arena celebrated this huge victory for the local hero. So what is next for Brook? He has been promised a shot at the IBF Welterweight Title when the decider for the belt takes place next month. Personally I would like for Eddie Hearn to put together a Brook V Amir Khan British super fight. This would be such a huge event which is bound to get a full house, with the added possibility of a PPV event (Not that I’m wanting to pay anymore that I do already to watch Boxing) but it will be a spectacular event with guaranteed money on the table. Whatever happens, Brook showed pure class and can have the chance to really step up and take on some of the world’s top ranked fighters. It was a shame about Devon Alexander cancellations this year, but i’m sure 2014 could be a defining year for the young British fighter.


On the main undercard Anthony Joshua was in the ring for the second time in 2 weeks after his empathic win in spectacular fashion against the unbeaten Emanuele Leo , which showed that the British Heavyweight scene might just have a genuine future heavyweight champion, who under the guidance of Eddie Hearn is poised for possible greatness. Joshua was fighting Paul Butlin, a fighter who could be said to be a seasoned pro, and had gone the distance twice with Dellboy Chisora in years gone by, so this could of  been a  test for Joshua. It was however clear when the announcements were being made that this  maybe a quick nights work for Joshua  just when you saw the conditioning of both fighters. Joshua came out in extremely confident style with his combinations flowing beautifully with Butlin having nothing to give in return to much affect. Joshua was confident from the opening bell and he kept his cool in front of the sell out crowd in Sheffield. Butlin survived the first round and was game to survive the onslaught he had received in the first 3 minutes. In the second Joshua came out and didn’t allow Butlin any room to move and closed him down at every opportunity and threw a combination which landed with precision and with an element of boxing class as the final blow of the night caused a nasty cut to the eye of Butlin and the fight was called off to no surprise.

I am not getting carried away with all the hype, but let’s just please remember the absolute charade of our last Olympic heavyweight gold medallist Mr  A force Harrison. Joshua has an element of class to his work, he is extremely mature for his young age, and he is dealing with the professional game as if he is already a  pro contender.  His next outing is on Thursday November 14th at the York Hall, Bethnal Green in what promises to be a great night of Heavyweight Prizefighter as the USA & UK clash with the American team being lead by James Toney. It will certainly be another sell out event for sure.

There is possibly a very bright future for Anthony Joshua, as long as he remains focused, takes on board the advise & guidance that Eddie Hearn will give him as he rises through the ranks.  Personally, I’m really looking forward to this journey…..